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         “While drinking think of its source” and “Return Society” is the mission of WEIYE CERAMICS CO., LTD.   We never forget our social responsibility.   Mr. Johnson Yang president of WEIYE lead the company actively attends all kinds of public welfare events, the total amount of donation has already more than 4 million yuan during the past 12 years.  We will do what we can for the public welfare events.

        In 2006-2008,  Continuing 3 years WEIYE donated 1.2 million yuan to the Chaozhou Charity Federation in the name of “Sunshine hope, heart warming” for helping the poor party project.

        In May of 2008, WEIYE donated 300,000 yuan to the earthquake disaster area of Si Chuan Wen Chuan.  All staffs donated 37,000 yuan and Mr. Johnson Yang president of WEIYE personally donated 23,800 yuan with his families.   WEIYE donated 200,000 yuan to the earthquake disaster area of QingHai YuShu in April of 2010.  and donated again 70,000 yuan to the earthquake disater area of Japan and YunNan in March of 2011.

        In December of 2009, WEIYE donated one medical appliances be worth 530,000 to the Chaozhou Center Hospital.

        In August 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014,  WEIYE donated total 900,000 yuan to the Chaozhou Charity Institutions to help educate, school and poor families.

        In December of 2014, led by WEIYE political party and labour union, staffs actively attend to donate blood.

        In June 2014/2015,  720,000 yuan was donated to Chaozhou public cultural foundation and Chaozhou Kaiyun temple for the development of public cultural and Buddhism charitable undertakings. ??
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