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        1. In 1992, established “CHAOZHOU CHIHU WEIYE PORCELAIN FACTORY” with 20 staffs worked in a unit of area.

        2. In 2002, “GUANGDONG WEIYE CERAMICS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.” was found and start its aboard & domestic business. Professional develop and produce daily-used porcelain tabletop of Chinese and Western wares.

        3. In 2003, invest building modernize porcelain firing oven and complete production equipment lines. Company covers over 100 mu fields with 160,000 square meters office and workshop area. More than 1,000 scientific and technical production employees work in it. We are one of the biggest porcelain manufacturer in China.

        4. In 2004, pass ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, ISO18000 international management system certificate. In the same time to be assessed as “China Main Brand”, “State Without Checking”, “Famous Trade Marks” by the national relate units.

        5. In 2008, be agreed with the national industry and commerce bureau, it change the name to “WEIYE CERAMICS CO., LTD.” instead of “GUANGDONG WEIYE CERAMICS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.”

        6. In 2009, we have the honour to get “China Porcelain Main Brand Products” and “Enterprise Credit Grade Certification AAA” and identify as “Guangdong Enterprise Technical Center”.

        7. In 2011, we got “Guangdong People’s Scientific Enterprise Certificate”.

        8. In 2012, we authorized by the national 23 Ministries including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance to be one of the first national Engineering Educate Establish Center. Will cooperate with “Jingdezhen Ceramics College” in several years.

        9. In 2013, we got light industry elaborate works commend of “China Light Industry And Consumer Goods Exhibition 2013”.

        10. In 2014, we authorized “Enterprise Credit Grade Eertification AAA” by China Light Industry and Crafts Import & Export Commerce Chamber.

        11. In 2015, we improve fund investment to remake two new energy saving oven reduce heat energy loss. Raise energy availability and production volume. We are authorized again as Guangdong New High Technology Enterprise.
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